Everything a Bride needs to know about spray tanning.

Many of our customers at Sunsations get spray tans weekly and understand the science behind the beautiful glow. However we have found that event tanners often make some of the most common mistakes that result in a terrible spray tan. Here is how you can avoid making those same mistakes!


Dihydroxyacetone (commonly called DHA) is a compound discovered in sugar that when applied to the skin creates a browning effect in the top layer of skin. DHA does not sweat off, however there is also make-up bronzers in many solutions that stain the skin and those bronzers can sweat out over the first 3 days of your spray tan. We recommend tanning 3 days prior to your event or spraying with a solution that is make-up free known as clear.

As you know our skin exfoliates layers off every day and has a new layer ever week. Thus, a spray tan lasts generally 7 days. If a spray tanner does not exfoliate their skin prior to a spray tan they can have uneven results, this should be done 24 hours prior to your appointment not immediately before. Washing away the amino acids in your skin immediately prior to a spray tan can result in no color at all or worse the undesirable orange tan. Recent sunburn, waxing, hormone changes, mediation, perfume use, oils, lotions, and soap can all effect the outcome of a spray tan.


The old saying practice makes perfect holds true with a spray tan. Sunsations recommends having at least one practice spray tan at least 2 weeks prior to your event. This give you time to ensure you enjoy the color of the spray tan AND plenty of time for it to fully wear off. We also recommend you try to book with the same trained artist for both your appointments as their experience with you the first time can become valuable if you have any adverse results on your first session.


  • Book a practice session.

  • Book your session 3 days before event

  • Exfoliate the evening prior to your appointment

  • Do not apply lotion, oil, deodorant, or perfume day of your appointment

  • Bring loose fitting, baggy clothing and plan to not wear a bra after your appointment

  • Take it easy avoiding sweating and water while processing for 24 hours

  • Shower off solution with warm water using your hands to gently brush over skin removing the solution

  • It is best to avoid soap on your first shower to preserve your color

  • When showering day 2 and on it is best to use the recommended shower cleanser from Norvell available at Sunsations for just $15 for an 8.5 ounce bottle or $6 for the 2.5 ounce.

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