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Sunsations sets the highest standard for quality, performance, cleanliness, and technology.

We offer it all, from the simplistic entry-level tanning beds to the most luxurious, high-performance beds and booths available.

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Our Sunbed & Booth Options

At Sunsations, we have a wide selection of sunbeds and sun booths to suit all of your tanning needs. Our sunbeds are equipped with the latest technology, including facial tanners and adjustable body cooling systems, so you can get the most out of your tanning session. Our sun booths are spacious and comfortable, with adjustable lighting and ventilation systems to provide you with the perfect tanning experience. We also offer a variety of lotions and creams to help you achieve the perfect glow. Visit us today to find the perfect tanning solution for you!

Luxe - KBL Hybridsun

Sunsations is the first in the area to offer the latest in Sunbed Technology matching state of the art technology with luxury, relaxation and comfort. The Hybrid 8000 features both Red Light and UV Light in One. Mediterranean Sounds, pureSunlight and beautyBooster hyperRed Lamps, Aroma Therapy, and aquaCool mist make this relaxing experience feel like a luxurious vacation. The Luxe is available with our Ambassador’s Club  membership ($40 per session for non-members)

Luxe Tower - KBL Tower HybridSun

The Tower HybridSun features an equal combination of pureSunlight and smartSunlight lamps providing both the perfect combination of UVA and UVB light spectrums for pigment darkening and development
and skin care results. The addition of an innovative vibration plate with multiple settings provides an invigorating workout that can be used independently of the lamps.

X2 Sky / High Pressure

The X2 Sky is a unique Sunbed that features a dominate mixture of UVA over UVB. Pigment will darken in just 3 sessions in this Sunbed, there will be little to no new pigment created due to the low amount of UVB. The X2 Sky is available with our Ambassador’s Club membership

SunX – KBL 4800 Alpha extraSUN+

The SunX is a great companion Sunbed to the Luxe. It features Intensive sun-light with an extra boost of UVB for increased pigment development. A perfect combination of UVA for bronzing and UVB for
developing a tan make this Sunbed a favorite.

Platinum – Heartland 6400

Tanning performance meets value in this made in America Sunbed. Featuring a strong combination of UV and UVB allowing pigment to develop and darken. Built in stereo and a contoured acrylic make this
Sunbed have a luxurious feel, without the expense of additional upgrades.

Heartland Bravo 5400 / Heartland 2M Sundazzler

A slightly smaller frame make these American made Sunbed and Tower a more affordable tanning option, while still providing excellent performance with both UVA and UVB light spectrums.

UV Tanning Pricing

KBL 8000 Hybridsun​



/monthly membership

HybridSun Tower / X2 Sky



/monthly membership

Sun x / Heartland 64hundred



/monthly membership