Why Norvell?

Norvell has been rated #1 by Professional Sunless Artists for as long as I have been spray tanning. I have tried other products and found them to be sticky, smelly or the dreaded orange that is oftentimes associated with self tanning applications.

When I began my spray tanning career in 2011, I attended a workshop to learn the science and artistry of spray tanning. Rick Norvell the founder of Norvell was teaching the course back then! His attention to every detail of the science behind DHA (the active ingredient in sunless solution) was amazing, not to mention his understanding of all things beauty. He invested heavily in only using the purest ingredients in his beauty products (right down to an extravagant water filtration system). So Norvell products are superior they also are Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Sulfate Free, Non-Comodogenic and 100% Vegan. The sunless

Kelly Robbins, Owner

industry only has a few manufacturers of solution, therefore it is common for other brands to be manufactured in the facility owned by Norvell. Basically if you cannot beat them, join them right!

Now lets talk training. Like any service you receive training is the foundation. Norvell University has trained more spray tan artists than any other program. Through years of experience they have perfected the process of spray tanning and to this day remain the leader. This is why I was so excited to be invited to become an educator for Norvell University. You can rest assured that I continually educate myself and my staff with the latest trends, tips and tricks to provide my clients the best sunless experience.

At Sunsations not all staff are given the go ahead to spray tan clients. We have a rigorous training process that includes many free sprays until they become approved to then offer half price sprays. So you can expect to pay less for a less experienced spray tanner. Each trainee is evaluated until the are approved to the high standard Kelly has set for her staff, providing a flawless spray tan.

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